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Our established  history,  have  always  liked  outdoors   took up  gardening at  school and cleaning at home etc,  later doing vol  gardening  and cleaning, then went professional , like   to  provide good  services ,  done many  types  of  windows ,  carpets, rugs, floors ,  upholstery ,  in   office / domestic ,  industrial &  in  gardening  done from  weeding  to clearing ,   lawn  cutting &  care ,   tree lopping ,  bush  and  hedge  trimming  ,  plant care ,  instant  changes ,  designing ,

have done courses  for  all   our  services &  safety , our motives never change to  supply what  customers like,  sometimes not poss  due to  not enough  investment  from customers , we  go  out   of   way  to supply  100% plus  service and  free consultation ,  what  we do know  is  for  certain 99%  of  our  customers  are fully  satisfied  from  past &  present  


Window Cleaning References: 

  • John – “Shaun is reliable and trustworthy we recommended him.” – Bexley Borough

  • Claude  &   Olive   windows cleaning from  2007    tel    0208   301   4767   in   Bexley

  • John. In. Higher. Green. Se13- “Shaun has cleaned our windows regularly for many years providing a reliable and courteous service. Recommended. Yes.”

  • Joy From Bexleyheath – “Shaun. Has. Always been. Reliable, trustworthy good worker.”

  • Joyce from Thamesmead – Good. Window cleaning service always on time and. Does. A. Good job. At. Reasonable price 

  •  Claude & Irene are happy , i clean there windows from 2007 to present in Bexley tel 0208 301 4767.

  •  good window cleaning service always on  time does a good   job , and  does  at  reasonable  price , Joyce from SE28.

  • shaun  has cleaned  our  windows reg  for  many  years providing a  reliable service and  courteous service ,  recommended  – John Hither  Green  se13

  • i   have  always  been  happy with   the  work  shaun  does  for   us , cleaning  of  gutters ,   all   pvc   inc  window  frames,  and   is  reliable  and  fair priced. Jane  in  North  thamesmead 

  • Shaun has always done a great job at cleaning our windows; always on time and reasonably priced. His happy to accommodate his visits, if need be. Our windows are always left sparkling. A big thanks, Sophie & Tony in Sidcup. 


Professional Gardening References: 

  • Mrs  Akin    in   Erith – “Shaun   has   provided   a   great  reliable  service  for   our   garden, he  provides  advice and   best  things for   us to  do, to  improve  the  overall  ideas  for our   garden,  we  were  struggling  with  weeds and  roots in  our  grass  and  after Shaun advice was  put  back  into action we  haven’t  looked  back  since  2018 .” 

  • Shaun’s services are nothing short of immaculate. He’s friendly, hard working and will transform your garden in no time! I really recommend to everyone, you won’t regret it! – Ifeoma Ahima gardening done in   Erith  2021  and ongoing. 



We are CRB checked and have many references over time. We are all insured and have passed all training on all services on this site. DA14 Bexley based.its unwise to pay too much, but its worse to pay to little when you pay too much , you lose a little money – thats all . When you pay too little you sometimes lose everything , because the service you paid was incapable of providing the service you expected .The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot ,its cant be done. If you take the lowest price it is well to add a unpredicted sum for the risk you allowed , ,and if you do that you will have enough to pay for a far better service as we do our constant customers are far to valuable to let down part written by John Ruskin 1819 – 1900 and edited by shaun 2018.


We have so many excellent customers that prefer not to view their details here but are very willing to give you references, just call, text or email us we will pass to our customers as needed. You  can   call   or   text  any   of   our  customers  at  reasonable   times   Monday  to  Friday 9am till 6pm max  to  ask  how  we  serve  them: